Hurom HU-500

Hurom HU-500


Product Description

What’s new with HU500?

1. Juicing bowl is made of BPA free material (only for this HU500 model), which has no negative effects on the human body like other plastic materials.

2. A new feature of model HU500 is the juice cap which will appreciate lovers of nut milks and other liquid fruits and vegetables mixtures. Juice cap simply closes the juice outlet and the juicer “blends” mixtures with stronger taste. After you open the juice flap the final product simply pour down into the juice container or a prepared jar and is ready to drink. 

3. With an easy to read measuring gauge on the juicing bowl itself, you can now ensure you are consuming your recommended dose of fruits and vegetables every day!

4. Provide 2 types of strainers.

Power Consumption  150 W
RPM  70 – 80rpm/min
Weight  6.2 kg
Dimensions 155 x 232 x 400 mm
 Colour  Wine Red / Grey