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HU-700 (Silver)


HU-700 (Maroon Red)

Hurom HU700 Red

HM1200 (Titanium Gold/Red)

Hurom HM1200

HJ900 (Grey/Red/Ivory)

Hurom HJ900

HO-1400 (White/Red)

Hurom HO1400

HG-600 (Silver)

Hurom HG600 Stainless Steel


Hurom HU-500
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Comprehensive Training for customers of Slow Juicer Singapore.

Local Warranty

10-years for Motor; 12-months on other parts due to manufacturing defects excluding wear-and-tear/misuse and extra 3 months warranty for online registration.

Parts & Spares

We also supply parts & spares.
PEMF Omnium1
Pebblio Soya Bean Maker
Homespa SG2000
Biosafe elken